Guangzhou Darling Industrial Inc

Darling Industrial Co. , Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, China. We are a digital camera manufacturer. This company was established in 1992 by Mr. Daniel Ling. Mr. Daniel Ling graduated from a China famous university of Nanjiang University in major Electronics Engineering. He has worked for a Japanese multinational company of Sanyo for 6 years. He began with such premium as LCD watch, electronic pet, which were exported worldwide

Our Company name 'Darling' comes from Mr. Ling's family name 'Ling'. In Chinese, 'big, great' is pronounced [da:].

And we have been in digital camera line for more than 4 years. In first two years, we were mainly focused on low pixels digital camera and web camera. Now we were expanded to higher resolution digital camera. 90% of our products are exported worldwide. We also do business on OEM or ODM basis. We are committed to providing you competitive price at proven quality to maintain a long terms of business relationship with our customers.

Personal Overview
Mr. Terry Liu, Export Executive

Terry is an international business graduate. He regards international business as his lifetime careers.

He has over 8 years of international business experience. He regards his customers as his valuable resources. He promises to pay every effort to maintain overall satisfaction by his customers.

Terry has worked as a merchandiser in a foreign purchasing company. Therefore he maintains a sound business relationship with many China manufacturers. He would like to help his customers to source for free to create more values.

Terry Liu
[86] 20 85532100
No 2, Pubei Road,
Guanghzou, Guangdong, 510530, China
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